Body To Body Massage

Our body to body massage will provide you with fun filled pleasure as our therapist performs this unique massage. We highly recommend this massage as it is possibly the best enjoyment that can be received. If you are looking for a more memorable experience request our four hand body to body massage, where two of our therapists will bring you to a state of enlightenment. Our elite girls will ensue you will be returning for another appointment just to try this incredible massage again and again.

Full service Massages

This is a variation on the body to body massage in which you will taste our product and maximize your pleasure. This variation is also available with four hands. While indulging in this amazing service it is necessary to follow certain safety procedures. Our therapists are very cooperative and will do everything needed to ensure your satisfaction throughout your session.

Swedish Massage

Based on classic European massage techniques, this full body massage helps sooth and relax tired muscles and stimulates circulation. This massage technique promotes a sense of well being and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique is performed with the hands and is a deeper massage in comparison with the Swedish massage. If a deep massage is what you are looking for, we highly recommend you to experience our oriental take on this massage.

For Hands Massage

A relaxing massage by two therapists girl to relieve tension, improve circulation and ease stress. We are dedicated to your health and relaxation.
Home Service Massage

Outcall Massage

It is also variety of Body to body massage where in the guest gets to taste our products there by maximizing the fun to limitless. While performing such beautiful services, it is very necessary to follow up certain safety procedure before indulging in to this activity. Our Models are very co-operative and can manage to do everything for you to be happy through out the session. So we hope to take your time in getting in touch our superb services provided in dubai hotels and home services.